Beading on Gourds (Peyote or Gourd Stitch)
Charlene Floyd

4 Hours - Beginner
Friday Morning 9 - 1
Saturday Morning 8 - 12

Beading on Bottle Gourd or Short Dipper Using the Peyote or Gourd stitch:
I will show you how to use #8 or #11 glass beads to bead around the gourd. I will also discuss the history behind the peyote/gourd stitch.

Gourd, stringing material, beads, needles

A smile

For a savings of $10.00, students may bring the following:
#8 or #11 glass beads
Bead needle
Sinew or other suitable stringing material
Small bottle or short dipper gourd

Walk-ins welcome if class is not full
Minimum # Students:   1Maximum # Students:  12